ECU Re-mapping

No matter what you drive, how often you drive it or what you use it for, Black Code can make your vehicle…



How does re-mapping your vehicle benefit you?

We know that ‘ECU re-mapping’ probably sounds unbelievably complicated and whilst it is an extremely advanced technology, the principal is actually incredibly simple.

It is just the modern day equivalent of tuning your engine.

All vehicles manufactured since 1999 are controlled by an onboard computer, which is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fuelling and boost pressure.

Within this computer, a file stores the manufacturer’s settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances to their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals.

By optimising these parameter settings in this file, Black Code can make your vehicle more responsive, increasing power and also improving fuel efficiency.

Black Code Vehicle re-mapping software can be applied to cars, vans & more.


The process actually is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Our mobile technician comes to your location or you can visit A.P.T.E.C. Ltd. A copy of the unique existing file on your car’s ECU is downloaded.
  2. This file is then immediately uploaded to the Black Code Head Office where a personalised upgrade is developed for your individual vehicle and specification.
  3. Within an hour or two, the re-mapped file is sent back to the technician and uploaded back onto your vehicle’s ECU.

It’s as simple as that. No visible modification is made to the vehicle and you can immediately feel the

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are considering re-mapping your vehicle to save money by improving the fuel efficiency or if you want to make your vehicle more powerful and responsive.

Black Code can simply and quickly optimise the settings to make this a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it done?

Our service can be completely mobile enabling us to carry out the process at a time and location convenient to you. Alternatively, you would be more than welcome to drop your vehicle to A.P.T.E.C. Ltd.

How long will it take?

For a standard OBD II re-flash, the process usually takes about two hours from start to finish. However, we endeavour to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your availability and can often find alternative options that can reduce this time further where necessary.

On some vehicles, a special chip called TRI-CORE has been manufactured within the ECU; this is to prevent writing files via the OBD II port. Vehicles fitted with a TRI-CORE chip need to have the ECU removed and sent away for processing. This process usually takes two to three days.

Is re-mapping the same as chipping?

Chipping is an older version of what re-mapping is today, which involved the ECU being physically opened and replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip. Our far more advanced methods mean that there is now no need to open the ECU, risking potential damage and failure.

Does Black Code use generic files?

Unlike many competitors, Black Code software is custom written in-house in the UK, with information taken from your individual vehicle and can be designed at your request to provide more power, better economy or a perfect blend of both. We NEVER use generic, third party or off the shelf software.

Will a Black Code re-map shorten an engine’s life expectancy?

The simple answer is no; Black Code optimise the parameters within the ECU without exceeding the limits of the vehicle’s engine.

Can the original settings be re-installed?

Black Code always backs up the original file on to our off-site secure server so that the original file can be loaded back onto the vehicle at any time.

Can a re-map be detected by a dealer servicing the vehicle?

The dealer cannot determine that the ECU has been modified with their equipment as our software is designed to be non-detectable. Should the dealer accidently overwrite our upgrade we will happily provide another software upgrade completely FREE of charge.

In some circumstances a car dealership may re-flash the ECU on a vehicle to upload the latest software. If this happens, our modified file is overwritten. So all you do is call A.P.T.E.C. Ltd and they will re-install your optimised software completely FREE of charge.

How much will it cost?

The prices are as follows:

ECU re-map   via OBD II port:


With £50 off

Naturally Aspirated Vehicle (non-turbo)



Turbo   Petrol & Turbo Diesel Vehicle



Ultimate upgrade (Audi R8, Bentley Continental, Porsche 911 Turbo, Mercedes AMG, Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW M5/M6)




ECU re-map requiring ECU removal – TRI-CORE/K TAG


Vehicle equipped with  TRI-CORE  or K TAG, requiring ECU removal with 2 to 3 days waiting time



If you are unsure about what price applies to your vehicle, please do not hesitate to call 01284 700856

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